On Thursday 21 July 2022, Mrs. Françoise REMARCK, Minister of Culture and Francophonie visited the National Steering Committee for Public-Private Partnerships (CNP-PPP), with the objective of fully understanding the mechanism of Public-Private Partnerships, an important lever of the government for the provision of infrastructure and public services. “I came to learn about the principles and mechanism of PPPs and discuss with the CNP-PPP a roadmap for support to the Ministry in the implementation of our projects,” said the Minister. 

Mr. Moussa KOUYATE, Chairman of the CNP-PPP thanked the Minister for this initiative, before presenting the institution he heads and whose main missions consist in accompanying the contracting authorities, in particular the ministries, in the implementation of their public-public partnership (PPP) projects. This type of project is defined as a long-term contract between a public party and a private party to provide a public infrastructure or service. Under this contract, the private agent assumes significant management risks and responsibilities throughout the duration of the contract and its remuneration is linked to performance targets.

During the meeting, Mr. KOUYATE recalled the role of development lever that the PPP model plays for our country which has been using this instrument since 1959, in all sectors of economic and social activity.

The culture and arts sector occupies a special place in the 2021-2025 National Development Plan (NDP), particularly through its first pillar, which is based on the acceleration of the structural transformation of the economy through industrialization and the development of clusters. For the Minister of Culture and Francophonie, this sector is full of development potential and can greatly contribute to growth, GDP and job creation, provided that a more market-oriented vision and a more economic valuation of culture are adopted.  

Therefore, the Ministry of Culture, which has an important real estate heritage, intends to develop it in an optimal way, with the support of the CNP-PPP, in order to structure and implement cultural projects through an economic model calling on the financial and technical capacity of solid partners from the private sector. “I am convinced that culture and economy can go hand in hand“, said the Minister of Culture and Francophonie.

The CNP-PPP Chairman assured the Minister of the availability and commitment of the CNP-PPP to put its experience and expertise at the service of the Ministry of Culture and Francophonie for a rapid and successful implementation of its various projects by calling upon the participation of the private sector.  

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