Le Président du CNP-PPP_ Moussa KOUYATÉ à gauche & le Directeur Général de la CDC-CI Lassina FOFANA à droite
The CNP-PPP Chairman, Mr. Moussa KOUYATÉ on the left & the Managing Director of the CDC-CI, Mr. Lassina FOFANA on the right

The National Steering Committee for Public-Private Partnerships (CNP-PPP) and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations of Côte d’Ivoire (CDC-CI) have signed a cooperation agreement on Friday 23 September 2022, in Cocody-Angré.

Under this agreement, the CNP-PPP will assist the CDC-CI in the process of identifying investment opportunities in public-private partnership projects (PPP) and support it throughout the implementation of these PPP projects.

“We are happy to be supported by the CNP-PPP in the implementation of PPP investment projects” said a delighted Mr. Lassina FOFANA, Managing Director of the CDC-CI.

“This cooperation agreement with an institution such as the CDC-CI is an important step towards strengthening the PPP tool as a means of providing infrastructure and public services to the Ivorian population”, noted the CNP-PPP Chairman, Mr. Moussa KOUYATÉ.

As a reminder, it was on 18 August 2022 that the CNP-PPP presented the investment opportunities in PPP projects to the CDC-CI. At the end of that meeting, the leaders of the two institutions announced their intention to sign a partnership agreement for the implementation of PPP projects.

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